Aluminum Truck Wheels

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Aluminum Truck Wheels from Alcoa

Get a makeover for your pickup truck with Alcoa forged aluminum truck wheels. The look of these aluminum wheels have a style of their own, and they don't need too much maintenance like steel wheels do. These aluminum pickup truck wheels don't need any simulator covers, sandblasting, priming, or painting. Alcoa aluminum wheels have a corrosion-resistance property and retain their shine simply with regular washing and once-in-a-while polishing.

For more than half a century, Alcoa aluminum wheels have been renowned for their one-piece hot forged strength. Now beauty has been combined with strength as these rugged wheels are now carrying a new look with a five-point star center disc. The Alcoa 16-inch aluminum wheel has smooth elliptical curves that provide both, inner strength and outer beauty. There is a wide variety of Alcoa aluminum wheels to choose from, namely, Alcoa Classic (round hand hole), Hot Shot (elliptical hand hole), LTS (spoke-styled hand hole) Magnum, Off-road, TR 2, and G236 wheel designs.

Aluminum pickup wheels fulfill a very important need. Reducing the weight of your vehicle, whether it's a Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, or Nissan, is one of the basic methods to minimize its fuel consumption. Two important points to be remembered are the design of the Wheel and the material used. Aluminum wheels fulfill this objective perfectly, along with providing stylish looks.

As per the findings of a joint-test conducted by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Alcoa, Alcoa aluminum wheels for trucks disperse heat in a quicker and better manner as compared to steel wheels. This results in cooler running brakes and longer tire life. Pickup trucks that move at high speeds and have frequent stops displayed the maximum difference in temperature.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you don't need to polish or scrub Alcoa aluminum wheels—just wash with soap and water.

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