ARE Truck Caps

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ARE Truck Caps

If you are a pickup truck owner, it would be smart to get a truck cap installed no matter what you use your pickup for. And if you are wondering which brand of truck cap to choose, we suggest you take a close look at ARE truck caps. Apart from the usual benefits that you get with any truck cap, such as protection against theft and keeping your cargo dry, there's something more to gain with ARE caps.

ARE pickup truck caps add to the style of your pickup with their great looks and designs, and even better, you can get them painted to match the color of your truck. With their wide range of features and options, ARE pickup caps are a class of their own. ARE caps are available in eight different styles of fiberglass or aluminum truck caps.

Z Series Truck Caps

Installing Z series ARE caps will give your Nissan, Toyota, GMC, or other model truck a sleek design with rounded curves along with recessed windows, doors, and LED brake lights. The side vent windows have ergonomically designed door handles with OEM quality locks having a double-sided key. The doors are equipped with rotary slam action latches that allow you to open and close the door in the same manner as your truck's doors.

CX Series Truck Caps

If you want a different choice from the Z series, go for the CX Series of truck caps from ARE. These caps have LED brake lights, recessed side windows, and a recessed rear door that fits your truck's tailgate. All the features of the CX Series from ARE make it an ideal choice for your Ford, Chevrolet, or other model pickup truck.

ARE gives you an excellent warranty for all of their caps to remain free from defects for a lifetime. Even the painted finishing is covered under warranty, so there's nothing that should stop you from putting an ARE cap on your truck.

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