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A.R.E. Truck Caps

Installing a cap on your truck is a smart idea since they protect your cargo from all kinds of weather conditions and from theft.  If you think a cap will benefit you and your truck then we suggest you take a close look at A.R.E. truck caps. The usual benefits such as increased gas mileage and safe cargo storage are definately a plus, but A.R.E. caps did not become the leaders in their industry just because of that.

A.R.E. pickup truck caps are styled and designed to transform your truck into a stylish machine.  They paint them to match the color of your truck so the blend from truck to cap is flawless. With their limitless range of special features and options, A.R.E. pickup caps are on the forefront of truck cap technology. Your A.R.E. cap choices are divided into eight different models of fiberglass or aluminum truck caps and they have them to fit almost every truck on the road. 

MX Series Truck Caps

The MX Series from A.R.E. sets the standard on versatility. The mid-high roofline offers extra headroom allowing for more cargo space. The popular "Walk-In Door" option is great for loading and unloading yourself or whatever you are carrying in your truck. Eliminating the tailgate makes loading much easier and safer. Side window options include the Screen-Vent, Radius 1/4 Sliders, Mitered Radius 1/4 Sliders and the side access Win-door.

K Series Truck Caps

Installing a K series A.R.E. cap will give your Nissan, Toyota, GMC, or other model truck the most storage space of any A.R.E. model truck cap. The high roof on this model extends almost to the front of the cap, and the door is as big as you can possibly get. The K series tall double bays and side sliding windows offer plenty of visibility. The optional skylight windows lend a classic look to your truck and the optional access doors make side access a snap.

A.R.E. gives you a lifetime warranty for all of their caps. That even includes the painted finish.  A.R.E. caps are a great choice for anyone wanting to turn their truck into a stylish, secure cargo hauling machine.

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