Dee Zee Running Boards

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Dee Zee Running Boards are a Step above the Competition

If you're talking about running boards, you can't leave out Dee Zee. The company made its foray 28 years ago with Dee Zee running boards. Back then, Dee Zee had just 12 custom fit brite-tread or extruded aluminum boards. Today, the company offers more than 120 boards and accessories.

FX Series

Amongst the hordes of products now available from Dee Zee, Dee Zee truck running boards are one of the best selling boards in the market. Their FX series boards are a class apart, which consist of the FX Extruded, FX Black, FX Brite-tread, and the FX Stainless Steel running boards. The latest addition to the existing FX running boards is the Chrome FX. This model is made from the highest quality aluminum finished with a vacuum metallization process. Installing the Chrome FX running to your Ford, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, or other make of truck will add utility along with style.

Guardian Series

Dee Zee also offers the Guardian series running board which brings a factory look to your truck's running boards. While the aluminum extrusion gives strength and durability, the custom-paint option lets you match its color to the shade of your truck or SUV. Running boards from Dee Zee also come with powder-coat protection on aluminum products that prevents oxidation and makes them easier to clean with soap and water. Also, the rubber gaskets fitted between the board and the truck restrains the accumulation of gravel, and cushioned step pads offer secure footing.

If you're a Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan, or other make of truck owner and you prefer nerf bars instead of running boards, there are ample choices for you too. Dee Zee offers a complete line of 4"oval or 3" round nerf bars. The latest on offer are 5" oval chrome or black chrome nerf bars. Dee Zee complements its running boards as well as nerf bars with other matching accessories.

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