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Reese Hitches - A Leader in Hitch Design

Reese hitches are a smart way to improve the towing capacity of your vehicle. With proven strength backed by a good company, these hitches are a top choice among truck owners. You can find Reese trailer hitches to custom fit your car or truck no matter what the make. Trucks like Dodge, Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, and Nissan and others all have the capacity for adding a Reese hitch.

Before towing a trailer or deciding on the right Reese hitch for your truck, it is important to understand the trailer metrics of your vehicle. In order to get the right kind of hitch, you need to know the maximum trailering capacity of your pickup. This is usually located in your truck's manual or on the sticker inside of the driver's door. The gross trailer weight is the maximum capacity that your truck can tow and the tongue weight refers to the amount of downward force applied to the actual trailer ball. These measurements will be important to know while shopping for trailer hitches.

Trailer hitches manufactured, serviced, and distributed by Reese are well built and give a great look to your favorite vehicle. They come with all the hardware that is required to install them. In fact, installing a trailer hitch is an easy task and we recommend doing it yourself to save money.

Trailer hitches by Reese are designed for high performance when it comes to towing ability, and are designed with extra strength to resist wear and tear. Reese gooseneck hitches are installed with the help of a gooseneck ball. The gooseneck hitch has built-in safety chain brackets that can be used as handles to install and remove the hitch.

A Reese hitch can be placed in different adjustment positions for accurate weight distribution. The High Performance System by Reese includes hitch ball nuts and spring bars for a balanced and stable load distribution. Reese's slide trailer hitches are designed to fit short-bed light trucks and allow for an enhanced turning clearance which prevents the truck from any damage while turning and driving in tight places.

If you are looking for a tough, no hassle trailer hitch, consider a Reese trailer hitch, and we expect that you will enjoy your ride without worrying about the load you are pulling behind your truck.

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