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LEER Truck Caps - A Leader in Innovation

LEER Truck Caps are the most versatile style of truck caps. Adding one to your pickup will enhance your truck's look as well as create a more secure storage space. LEER pickup truck caps will cover the entire bed of of your vehicle and they have them to fit all sorts of makes like Toyota, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chevy, Nissan, and others. The uneasy feeling we all get when we leave our valuable cargo sitting in the back of our truck can be erased by adding a good truck cap. Turn your key and your truck bed is locked so you can leave your valuable cargo in your truck, but take your piece of mind with you.

Once you put a Leer cap on your truck bed that space can be used as a sleeping area, secure storage area, or even extra seats can be placed there for more passengers. In fact, adding a cap at the back of your truck adds more weight towards the rear which gives you better traction during bad weather conditions. The fuel economy of your truck also increases with better traction and aerodynamics.

Cap Construction

There are a wide range of Leer caps to choose from for your truck. Quality truck caps come with a composite roof structure, a base coat finish, and have a one-piece fiberglass construction. Truck caps by Leer are custom manufactured to suit the needs of your truck's make.

Durability caps come with a lifetime warranty and many optional features like a locking rear door, base rails, third brake light, tinted safety glass, dome light, and gas door struts. All of these fittings can be made on any pickup truck to keep them safe from the elements.

Suggested LEER Models

Leer has introduced a model 100XQ truck cap that has great looks, utility, and convenience. It fits well in every truck and has fixed front windows, a rotary latch system, a frameless hidden hinge curved rear door, and many other revolutionary features. Another truck cap model, the 100XL from Leer, gives distinguished functions to your truck like, a 12 volt dome light, automotive paint, insulated roof, structure warranty, and a custom fit design.

If you are looking for a truck cap by a trusted manufacturer which has all kinds of great features that will add to the style, utility, and security of your truck, then we suggest you take a close look at Leer Caps.

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