Pickup Truck Caps

Increase your Truck's Performance and Style


Pickup Truck Caps Protect your Cargo and Improve your Gas Mileage

Pickup truck caps have become a popular way to set your vehicle apart from the thousands of other trucks on the road today. When the pickup truck cap first evolved they were put into place by truck owners so they could protect their cargo from theft as well as from extreme weather conditions. Once this need arose, people started making makeshift covers for their truck beds out of wood and aluminum. This idea caught on, and within no time hundreds of small shops cropped up everywhere to manufacture these makeshift truck caps.

Since then, the truck cap has come a long way. Present day truck caps can be custom built to the requirements any truck owner. There are a wide range of options available including size, height, doors, shelves, tool bins, materials, lighting, and others.

Aluminum or Fiberglass

Nowadays, truck caps are usually made of fiberglass or aluminum. Aluminum truck caps are stylish, sturdy, lightweight, and reliable. They can be easily installed and removed and are relatively inexpensive. Their only drawback seems to be that they are easily dented. Aluminum pickup caps are manufactured in some selected colors, but you can always get it custom painted to match your truck. Fiberglass truck caps are the new age truck caps. These caps are strong and lightweight, provide a smooth finishing, and can be molded into a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. They meet the style and durability requirements that truckers demand from their vehicles.

Better Gas Mileage for your Truck

Truck owners have found out that even though a truck cap adds weight to the vehicle its aerodynamic properties give their truck better gas mileage. This is an added benefit that compliments the protection a cap provides against snow, rain, sunshine, and theft. No matter if you own a Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevy, Nissan, or other make of truck there is a cap out there to fit it. Truck owners who never thought of buying a truck cap have now started to realize the great benefits that they can get with the addition of this truck accessory. If you think about it, truck caps are the most cost-effective way of enhancing the style, value, and utility of your vehicle.

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