Husky Floor Mats

Increase your Truck's Performance and Style


Husky Floor Mats will Enhance your Automobile's Looks and Value

Husky floor mats are some of the best mats made to give your automotive flooring great year round protection. No matter if you live in an area that has snowy, wet conditions or if you contend with sand and dirt, these mats are made to custom fit your vehicle's exact floor plan, which allows them to offer much more superior protection than the mats that come with most vehicles. These floor mats cover more area than the dealer mats, and being made out of durable, water-proof materials, they do an outstanding job at protecting your automobile's interior. Husky mats pay for themselves in no time because protecting your car or truck's flooring from dirt and grime adds thousands of dollars in resale value to your vehicle, and not only do you get amazing protection form these mats, they also look great and add style to your car or truck's interior.

Where can you get Husky Brand Floor Mats

Even though floor mats are available at some local stores, most of them just stock the "one size mat fits all" type. With this being true, many people have decided to get their Husky mats online. The benefits of this is that not only can you find great prices online, but you can also get the mats that custom fit to your auto exactly which makes them far superior when it comes to protecting your interior than the "one size mat fits all" types. Not only that, but a custom fit floor mat will look much better than a store brand too. Since online shopping can be intimidating, we have done the research to find honest, reliable companies who sell Husky brand floor mats for the best prices. Here is some detailed information on the husky brand.

Husky Facts to Help You Make an Informed Decision

Husky Liners and Husky are trademarks of Winfield Consumer Products, Inc. The Company and its products have benefited millions of satisfied auto owners. Husky mats are certified to protect from soiling by mud, rain, snow, sand, food and drink spills, and even chemicals. Husky mats are made of a tough and durable patented rubberized thermo-plastic material resistant to most chemicals, including gasoline, oil and battery acid. Cleaning them off is no chore either. Simply wash off with a hose and you are done! Husky mats are made for all-weather protection and keep your factory carpet looking like new!

Available for most truck, SUV, car, van and automotive makes and models, Husky mats install easily in just a matter of seconds. They are custom-tailored and since they are designed specifically to fit your auto's floor they fit like a glove. These mats have 3/8” high ridges and are up to 40% taller than other mats. They also feature an extra thick driver’s heel pad for longer life. The raised tread pattern helps grip your shoe to minimize slipping and cargo to minimize load shifting. These mats feature exclusive Stay-put nibs that allow them to hold fast on the carpet. Husky mats will not slide around your car or truck. These mats are made to stay in place. Husky floor liners come in black, gray, or tan for both your front and rear seats.

Husky backs their mats with a lifetime guarantee. It states: Husky Liners guarantees to the original purchaser of Husky mats that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the motor vehicle in/on which they are installed. That should give you piece of mind that these mats are built tough and can protect your floor from anything that you throw at them.

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