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Honda Floor Mats Custom Fit for your Vehicle

Honda floor mats are an essential accessory for you if you own an Accord, Civic, Element, Pilot, Highlander, or other model of Honda vehicle. Honda car floor mats and truck/suv floor mats will not only set the interior of your Honda apart from the others, but it will also increase the value of your vehicle since your interior will remain in factory new condition even after many miles of use. Whether we drive our Hondas on road of off there are many ways our interior can get dirty. Mud, snow, sand, pets, and spills are just some of the things that can be harsh on your interior. To make sure your interior stays protected consider getting some floor mats that are custom fitted to your Honda's exact floor plan. Many local stores offer mats for your Honda, but for inventory's sake most stores just carry one size fits all mats so that they can appeal to everyone. The problem with that is that those mats won't protect all of your Honda's interior. To get floor mats that were specifically designed for your Honda we recommend looking online, and even though all of the choices of merchants online can be mind boggling we have done some research to help you find the right mats for your Honda the first time. Here is just some of the Honda floor mat information that we have found.

Luxury Honda Mats

To really make a style statement take a look at the luxury car mats that are offered by some of the floor mat manufacturers. The finest yarns from Belgium go into the making of these mats. They are made of 100% polypropylene which won't slip around and is more resistant to stains that factory floor mats. Blue Wheel, Brique, Blue Oriental, Crème Oriental, Brique Floral, Crème Tribal, Blue, Crème Wheel and Gold are just some of the luxury colors and patterns that you can choose from.

Classic Honda Mats

The 42oz. Classic Berber auto floor mats are another good choice for those who want more style than utility. These are densely woven, nylon yarn car mats which have edges that will stop liquids and dirt from reaching your carpet. The thread loop that makes up the carpet on this mat is thicker and tighter than factory floor mats which provides elegance along with durability. The rubber ridged backing will keep your Honda mats in place. Classic Berber truck/suv floor mats and car mats for your Honda come in many colors that will help to set off your vehicle's interior.

Custom Honda Mats

Custom Molded Honda Mats are semi-rigid which allows them to trap dirt and liquids in them. They are made from a custom molded rubber/plastic mixture. These mats do not have any carpet on them which is a nice look if you want more protection than style. These mats will custom fit your Honda's floor plan and feature a raised lip that will trap even the worst spills and dirt.

All Weather Protection Mats

All Weather Auto Floor Mats are the best choice for off road vehicles and those that are inclined to get dirty. These floor mats are stylish looking and the most effective for protecting for your Honda's flooring. All weather mats are made from durable yet pliable rubber that will last as long as you have your Honda. They feature deep ridges that will hold up to 1 1/2 quarts of liquid and dirt. That makes them the most reliable floor mat to protect your Honda's interior.

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