Garage Floor Mats

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Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats can help keep your garage floor and your home clean by catching dirt, snow, mud, water, grease, and oil that gets tracked in by your car or truck. Not only do garage custom floor mats help keep your home clean, also stop accidents from happening by providing a stable surface to walk on even if there is a spill present. Slips and falls are prevented by catching the residue that comes into your garage on the wheels, wheel wells, and undercarriage of your vehicle. Floor mats for your garage available in a wide array of colors, models and design. Here is just some of what we have found.

The Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mats are good looking, lightweight and extremely useful. Made of heavy-duty 20-mil vinyl, these garage mats can hold gallons of liquid to keep it from spilling onto your garage floor. Oil and grease wipe right off the waterproof, non-flammable, oil-impervious vinyl surface of these garage mats. This keeps your concrete garage flooring clean and free of grit, salt damage, and oil stains. They have specially engineered raised plastic edges that snap on, and these mats can be easily removed for cleaning. Park Smart Garage mats are long lasting and durable, and are also easy to install. You don't even need any tools put them together.

All sizes of the Park Smart Clean Park come complete with 24" long snap-On side pieces and 18" long snap-On end pieces. Gold and Silver are popular choices, but other colors are offered. Whatever your garage size, there is a floor mat to cover your floor. Cleaning these mats is really easy - simply remove the end pieces and hose all the dirt off the mat. Due to it's patented construction these mats stay looking like new year after year and show no sign of deterioration.

Placing a custom fitted mat under each car, truck, or jeep in your garage will keep you safe and your home clean. Feel free to browse our recommended websites to see what kinds of garage mats they offer.

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