Hard Tonneau Covers

Increase your Truck's Performance and Style


Hard Tonneau Covers add Security, Style, and Performance to your Truck

Hard Tonneau Covers are the best truck cover choice for security, style, and performance. Most hard tonneaus today are made out of fiberglass or space age polymers which makes them light and durable. There are many benefits that tonneau covers bring to your truck. Hard covers provide a safe place to keep your cargo. Would be thieves or foul weather are kept on the outside while your cargo is safely covered on the inside. Hard Tonneaus are also, in most truck owner's opinions, the best looking bed cover. They look solid, just like your ride does, and these tonneaus can be painted to match your factory paint exactly. This allows the lines of your truck to flow into the tonneau instead of being broken by it. Soft covers just don't compare when it comes to style. The third, and often overlooked benefit, of a hard cover is the aerodynamic properties it brings to your truck. This tonneau plus gives you better gas mileage and, in time, a hard cover can pay for itself with all the money you save from going into the gas pump.

To help you out we have done some online research to find the best hard tonneaus and the best sites to see and get them. Gaylords and Undercover are some of the most popular hard cover manufacturers. Here is some more in depth coverage on some of their different hard tonneau models available.

Gaylord’s has been making durable fiberglass tonneau covers for more than 50 years. Their Traditional Hard Tonneau series is custom molded for a perfect fit. Gaylords exclusive stainless-steel crossbar and precision locking system on their covers will provide the security and strength needed to keep your truck's cargo safe. The two heavy duty gas struts on this tonneau will allow you to open it with ease and to close this cover without it slamming into your truck. Installation is easy with no drilling involved. This Hard Tonneau includes two self-tightening compression-type locks for a watertight seal and outstanding security for your pickup bed. Gaylord's backs this tonneau cover with a Lifetime Warranty on the fiberglass structure on the paint.

Undercover's Hard Tonneau is made from advanced ABS polymers which make it lighter, stronger, and less expensive than most fiberglass covers. This particular tonneau installs in 15 minutes with no drilling or measuring. If you need to take it off your truck to haul a big load the the quick-release hardware included will allow you to take it off or put it on in seconds. Wall mount hardware is included with this cover to allow you to put it up and out of the way when it is not covering your truck. Undercover's Tonneau Cover is backed by a limited 3-year warranty.

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