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Hitch Plugs - A Clever way to Advertise your Interests

Hitch plugs are a great way to advertise your favorite sports team, hobby, activity, or sense of humor to anyone behind your truck. While not towing a trailer, hitch covers, or plugs, fit into the hitch receiver hole on your trailer hitch. Plugging this hole with a good looking hitch plug is a great way to enhance the look of your truck as well as show others what your interests are. The choices of themes for these plugs is limitless. From college to pro sports teams, Nascar, Harley Davidson, hobbies like fishing and off-roading, or humorous plugs like smiley faces, you can literally find anything you want to display on your truck's trailer hitch. With so many choices out there, the only question becomes where to get a good quality plug cover at a great price. We have searched the internet to find some of the most common and hard to find hitch plugging accessories at the best prices.

Manufactured Plugs

No matter if you drive a Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, or other make of truck there are hitching plugs made for you. One thing to consider before getting a plug is what it is made out of. Aluminum, Pewter, and Steel plugs are the most durable, but also cost more that plastic ones. There are plug covers that have lights in them which you connect to your trailer hitch electrical hook up. These are very noticeable at night and some only light up when your brakes are applied giving you an extra brake light.

Featured Styles - Bottle Opener Hitch Plug Covers

You can be a hit at the next party you go to with a NASCAR, NCAA, or specialty-logo bottle-opener plug for your hitch. These plugs are perfect for tailgate parties, cookouts, and other outdoor gatherings. They feature a functional bottle opener that will quickly and easily pop the top off of your favorite bottled drink. You can support your favorite team or driver with a colorful, hand-painted logo. 3D hitch coverings are cast from a non-corrosive alloy so there is no need to worry about your plug rusting. They fit all standard 2 inch hitch receivers.

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