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Downey Tonneau Covers - Top Choice

Truck tonneau covers have become a popular must have for pickups. A well known company based out of North Carolina, Downey Products Inc., provides some of the best covers around. Downey tonneau covers come in a few different styles to accommodate what you are looking for in a cover. The Downey SST tonneau cover is known as their slant side tonneau. This style comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The SST is durable and easy to use. Downey also makes what is known as the Downey LTD. This version is a lift top design allowing access to the bed without having to unsnap the cover. The SST and LTD styles come in black aluminum frames, this makes the trucks appearance look great when the cover is off. Trucks with tool boxes can even sport a SST cover. Downey offers many options and great quality tonneau covers.

Tonneau covers can offer multiple advantages. Covers are a great way to upgrade your truck. Tonneau covers help protect items placed in the bed of the pickup from weather, or theft. The option to cover valuables and even lock them up makes the investment of a cover a priority for truck owners. A money making reward of a tonneau cover is that it will actually save you on gas mileage. This is due to the decrease in wind resistance. All of these benefits combined with the new look you will sport make it a must have.

Nissan, Toyota, Ford, whatever truck you drive there is a tonneau cover for you. Shopping online is a great way to find what style and color is best for your pickup. Great customer service, price and warranty are another reason to shop online. Many quality distributors are available to help you find the perfect tonneau cover!

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