Diamondback Tonneau Covers

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Diamondback Tonneau Covers - Taking your Truck to the Next Level


Diamondback tonneau covers are an upgrade option for the serious trucker. There are many hard tonneau covers out there, but a diamondback cover takes it to the next level. A Diamondback cover is constructed of reinforced aluminum steel. It is capable of supporting up to 1200 pounds of weight on top of the cover. This cover still allows for the storage area in the bed as well as on top. The diamondback cover comes in a hinged panel layout. This design allow for convenient access to all areas of the bed. The panels can also be easily removed if needed. Diamondback provides a few different packages. One of those is an ATV series package. This package includes the bed cover, cab guard, ATV ramps, and adapters. If you are considering hauling ATV's this is the must have package for you. An option for a commercial/contractor package is also available. This package includes a toolbox and ladder rack. If you want a way to organize and carry items above, on top, and underneath the cover this is a great option.

Diamondback covers can be made for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and many other make and model trucks. Diamondback covers are made to order from the factory to fit. Tonneau covers come in many different materials, sizes, colors, and designs. It is all in what you want out of your cover. Shopping for diamondback covers is easier than ever. Online offers many different styles and options. Online truck accessory stores offer great customer service by phone or email and have professionals to help you decide what kind of cover is best for you. It is nice to be able to shop, compare, and purchase a tonneau cover all without running all over town.

Tonneau covers are an excellent upgrade to consider. Go ahead...take your truck to the next level.

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