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Floor Mats - Give Your Truck Protection With A New Look

Floor mats are one of the most practical accessories that you can get for your pickup truck. Mats don't only add style to the interior of your truck, they also keep your factory carpet clean. Truck mats come in a varied range of colors and materials to choose from. Whether you're looking for an automobile mat with a traditional look, or a waterproof rubber floor mat, rest assured that we have searched the internet to find the best places to shop for your truck's mats. We have found branded mats, such as Highland, Husky Liner, or Weathertech, and off brands too.

Matting the floor of your car or truck gives an altogether new look to your vehicle. It also makes a style statement. Putting a mat in your car, truck, or SUV makes your vehicle more personalized for your taste, and it increases your vehicle's value.

Top of the Line Floor Protection

Top line flooring is sturdy enough to guard your carpet from a myriad of stain causing materials, and the rubber material used in most high quality mats is resistant to a wide range of dirt, grime, temperature variations, and weather conditions. For example, the mats from WeatherTech have a soft rubber upper tread that provides traction without being uncomfortable on a truck owner's feet. Similarly, Heavy-Duty mats from Husky are made of patented rubberized thermoplastic vinyl, which makes them resistant to a wide range of temperatures. These mats also protect your carpets and floors from other automotive chemicals, such as oil, gasoline, and battery acid. Apart from having these properties, WeatherTech mats are also molded with an extra-tall raised lip for greater moisture and dirt retention. The driver's mat heel pad is also extra-thick to take on the pressure of a trucker's feet.

Catch-All mats are another type of mat for your truck floors that have excellent features like a plastic-welded kick plate on the driver's side, a heavily stitched outer seam, anti-drag eyelet, and a slide-resistant studded grip pad underneath that matches a custom-made rubberized lower layer which is environment-resistant. Raised outer lips provide protection for your truck's interior from water, mud, and dirt.

Floor Mats - Custom Made to Fit Your Truck

It is important to remember that mats and floor liners are available as semi-custom mats and as custom made mats. Now, you might be wondering what is the big difference between these two? As evident by the name, a custom-made mat is made specifically to cater to your needs, as well as the needs of your truck. Actually, most people find a custom-made mat to be better fitting than what is provided by the manufacturer because what the manufacturer provides you along with your truck is not a custom-made mat, but a standard mat to fit in all their vehicles.

The flooring mats from Husky and Weathertech that we were discussing above are semi-custom mats. That does not mean that these mats come in a standard size for all the vehicles, but instead are fitted for the specific model Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Nissan, or other make that you drive. Both of these companies offer these mats in such a large number of different patterns that you'll find one that fits your truck exactly.

There are all kinds of mats that are available for your truck's floor. Mats that are suited for all kinds of weather and other conditions are known as All-Weather mats. All-Weather Mats are made up of rubber, or floor liners that have nicks and grooves, which can trap water, snow, mud, dirt, and any other substance that might get tracked into the floor of your truck. The rubber flooring is more durable and maintains the same appearance even after years of usage which means your carpet will still look great after many miles of use. It is easier to maintain and clean these mats as all one needs to do is to spray them with a hose. Try that while trying to clean your truck's carpet and you will end up all wet.

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