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Tonneau Covers add Value, Style, and Utility to your Truck while Improving gas mileage

Tonneau covers are one of the most useful truck accessories that you can consider adding to your truck. Not only do they protect your cargo from being stolen, and from the weather, they also add aerodynamic properties to your truck which improves gas mileage. From Hard covers to soft vinyl, and retractable covers to hinged, there are many manufacturers out there offering all kinds of tonneau cover options for your truck. With so many choices and styles, finding the right cover for your truck could become a chore. To help you out we have researched tonneau coverings, Tonneau manufacturers, and different tonneau styles to help you find the right cover for your truck's bed. In addition to that we have found some of the best places online to get a tonneau cover, including sites offering low prices and even free shipping in some cases. With a low price, no sales tax in most cases, and free shipping you can't go wrong getting your cover online. No matter if you drive a Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, or other make of truck there is a Tonneau out there to fit it.

Hard Covers

Hard covers for the bed of your truck are the most secure covers when it comes to protecting your cargo from thieves or the weather. Usually made out of fiberglass or space age polymers, and fully paintable to match you factory color, these covers come with a lock and key mechanism that holds them tight against your truck and seals the sides down to keep most moisture and dirt out. If you are looking for security then we suggest choosing a hard Tonneau. Undercover and Gaylords are two popular manufacturers of hard tonneaus.

The Undercover Tonneau is constructed from advanced ABS polymers which make it lighter and stronger than most hard covers. The black ABS is specially designed to resist scratching and easily accepts paint, so you can match it to your exact factory paint color. The paint blend will be so seamless that most people will think that this tonneau came with your truck. The Undercover hard tonneau installs in about 15 minutes and requires no drilling or measuring. Quick-release hardware means it goes on or comes off in seconds. Once off, the Undercover Tonneau Cover can be hung up and out of the way with the included wall-mount hardware. Undercover's multi-point seal and custom fit duel stainless steel locks means that foul weather and thieves are always on the outside away from your cargo.

Gaylord’s X2000 Platinum Series Tonneau Cover with Speedsturr Wing Lid adds a sleek sporty look to any truck. Their wrap around rail design follows your truck’s body line enhancing your truck's lines instead of clashing with them. It is constructed with a resin filled composite honeycomb design, and a built in stainless steel crossbar hinge that makes this tonneau extremely durable. Other features like an interior dome light which provides 24 hour visibility inside your truck's bed, Dual heavy duty gas struts that make opening a closing your cover a breeze, and a Neoprene inside trim seal that protects your truck's bed rail from wear and tear are great additions included with this tonneau cover. The X2000 Platinum is easily installed with no drilling required and all the mounting hardware is included. Gaylord backs up this cover with a Lifetime Paint finish warranty, a 2-year Excel coat finish warranty, a lifetime structural warranty, and a 2-year hard-parts warranty.

Soft Covers

Soft Roll up covers are are great choice for truck owners who want to protect their cargo from the elements and also want the added gas mileage benefits of a covered bed. Soft covers ability to roll up and out of the way are great for those who haul bigger objects in their trucks where a hard cover would be in the way. Extang, Tonneau Masters, Lund, and Truxedo are some of the more popular soft cover manufacturers.

The Extang Saber tonneau cover is built for speed. Extang’s peel-on design attaches evenly to the entire frame for the lowest possible fabric stress at low or high speeds. Extang’s ClickLock release system allows for one-handed removal of your tail rail along with the solid Monster Bows that remove with one hand for rapid use of your truck bed in less than 5 minutes means easy access to your truck's bed. This tonneau’s famous race heritage and strength have been proven on the track. The original version set a world speed record at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is displayed in the Indy Hall of Fame! This Extang Cover is backed by a 10-year warranty on the tarp and the frame is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

The Lund Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Cover is made of carbon fiber premium vinyl which gives you durability and stylish good looks. The heavy-duty black powder-coated bows and rails prevent water and snow buildup. The cleaver integrated rear tailgate seal won't get knocked off like inferior adhesive seals. The time-saving Snap Soft Tonneau Cover easily installs in less than 20 minutes with no drilling and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Retractable Covers

A retractable Tonneau cover is a hard tonneau that retracts, usually in sections. This gives you the durability of a hard cover and the easy bed accessibility of a soft cover. Pace Edwards, BAK Rollback, and Truck Covers USA are some popular manufacturers of this style tonneau cover.

The Pace Edwards JackRabbit Tonneau Cover is an aerodynamic hard tonneau cover that retracts automatically using a pull strap. It opens and closes without a key which saves you time and effort. The JackRabbit's weather-resistant, padded polymer cover is laminated to rigid aluminum panels for a tight, solid fit. Your cargo is protected from rain, snow, dirt, and wind wherever you travel. The cover locks every 12”, automatically catching into each position as you pull it forward. The low-profile tonneau cover design is 100% flush-mounted with texture-finish rails and top cover. It’s designed to clamp in easily to your cargo bed with no drilling. For easy access, the handle and lock are mounted to the driver’s side with an optional cargo light for improved bed visibility. Pace Edwards backs the Jack Rabbit up with a 1-year warranty.

Tool Box Tonneau

A Toolbox Tonneau is a great option for those who have, need, or want a toolbox in their truck bed. There are toolbox covers that fit trucks with existing tool boxes and tonneaus that have too boxes built into them. Extang, Access, Truxedo, and Pace Edwards all offer toll box tonneaus.

The TruXedo Plus Toolbox Tonneau is a flat, smooth tonneau cover with a tool box built in. It fits your truck bed like a fine tailored suit and not only looks sharp, but helps improve your gas mileage too. The flush mount toolbox design is an accommodating 18”x11” deep. The locking latch is hidden away under the tonneau cover for added for security. Sturdy gas shocks and a continuous hinge make getting to your tools a breeze and the skid-resistant mat keeps everything in its place. This all-climate tonneau cover is made from the industry’s strongest fabric. Bed access is easy as it opens and closes in 20 seconds. The tarp rolls up and stores behind the toolbox giving you full bed access. The TruXedo Plus Toolbox Tonneau Cover seals on every side and between the top and toolbox to keep your cargo in and the elements out.

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