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Most people assume truck caps to only be for looks, but a truck owner knows how useful a cap can be for their truck. If you own a truck and you would like to review the benefits of adding a cap to you truck, or learn about the features and accessories available with caps for trucks then read on.

A capped truck will ensure that your valuables and cargo are secure while trucking. Once you put a cap on your truck, you won’t have to plan your moves according to the climate. No matter whether you use your pickup for work or pleasure adding a cap will help you hail your cargo securely in rain or shine. Not only do caps protect the truck beds from climatic hazards and thefts, they also make your truck more fuel efficient by streamlining its aerodynamics, and if you want your pickup to look like an SUV, putting a cap on it will do the trick. There are several color options available for caps and you can get the one that matches the color of your pickup truck. Altogether it will add style as well as enhance the utility of your pickup.

Security - Pickup With A Trunk

Pickup caps are flat or elevated truck bed covers. They can be used to store cargo and other valuables while ensuring them against adverse weather conditions and thefts. These caps can be custom-made as per your requirements with several options in height, size, doors, shelves, and the material used.

Caps for pickups act like trunks as they are a storage place for the cargo. But for security measures they also include a locking mechanism. Most of them have locking rear door, or a keyed lock above the truck's tailgate. In case your truck doesn’t have a locking tailgate, a full cap door can be installed for security.

Pickup caps are usually made of three materials—vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. Vinyl caps are used where a soft cover is required, and these are easily installed, the best for attaining better gas mileage because they are lightweight and help your aerodynamics, but they are not the most secure for protecting valuables. Most vinyl caps do very well protecting your cargo from adverse weather conditions.

Fiberglass caps are lightweight and sturdy with weights ranging from 80 to 120 lbs. Some companies provide pickup caps made of their patented material that is lightweight, as strong as fiberglass, and cost-effective. Aluminum caps are usually used in lightweight trucks. These caps are sometimes less expensive than their fiberglass counterparts, but can be dented easier than the fiberglass caps.


You can add a lot of style to your truck by adding a cap. Lots of options are available in terms of shape, color, and size. Caps for pickups are usually custom-made to fit your model.  Most come in the same colors as your truck manufacturer puts on it's makes and models, but you can get them painted as you want.  You can also have your choice of windows, and add-on other accessories as you wish. Even the leading manufacturers, like Leer, provide custom-made pickup caps. Aluminum caps are available in limited shades, but you always have the option of getting them custom-painted. A fiberglass truck cap gives you a wide variety of color options.

Raised pickup caps usually have a back door that's hinged at the top. You just need to unlock the door, then fold it upward and fold down the tailgate. Some of the caps, however, require removal of the tailgate before installing the cap. These have a normal size door at the back of the truck.

Fuel Efficient

Apart from covering up the bed, caps also give your truck better gas mileage. The mileage increases because the cap eliminates the wind drag that occurs due to the open bed.

Caps are a good investment for pickup trucks. They will save your fuel expenses by streamlining your truck and increasing your gas mileage. They will also save your cargo and other valuables from being stolen by thieves or damaged by the weather. When choosing a cap you can add lots of features to it or keep the expense low by including only those options that you require. With the right truck cap your Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, or Nissan pickup can give any SUV a run for its money.

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