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Truck Wheels make a Statement and Enhance your Truck's Performance

Are you looking to get some customized wheels? We have searched the internet to find the best Custom Truck Wheels to fit any truck owner's taste.

Enhancing your truck's performance with customized wheels

Customizing wheels for your truck, whether it's a compact or full-size truck, has become one of the favorite custom accessories offered by today's truck accessory manufacturers. Customized Wheels to fit your favorite Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Nissan, or other make are available online at a fraction of the cost offered in local stores.

We are here to help you make a customized style statement on your truck without having to spend huge bucks. Presently, 20-, 22-, and 26-inch chrome wheels are in style. The 3-piece wheels that were used for track events and racing tournaments earlier have now hit the roads with a bang, and You can now drive your truck down the street sporting those types of custom wheels. The multi-pieced forged wheels have gained ground. The 20-inch alloy wheels with fade paint schemes, and power V-8 engines that have powerful exhaust systems, can take your trucking experience to the next level.

Most custom truck enthusiasts like the European look for the wheels of their trucks, with the diameter of the wheels ranging between 17 to 20 inches. These are high performance tires that can fit onto all styles of trucks like, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Nissan, and more.

Larger wheels, or big-inch rolling stocks are available easily and are reasonably priced. Bigger wheels help in improving the street handling of your truck, by allowing the use of a bigger footprint and less sidewall tires. These custom wheels offer more room for larger disc brakes that can improve the stopping power of your truck. Increasing the size of the wheels, or the diameter while reducing the tire sidewall height can be done without altering the ground clearance, or the speed of your truck.

Improved Handling and Braking Power

Larger custom wheels and tires give a quicker steering response and the braking distance is shortened. You can increase the load rating of your GMC or other mean machine by adding bigger wheels to it. Detailed suspension systems are often used in heavier vehicles like dually trucks if you wish to enlarge the size of those wheels.

The radial design of the truck tire ensures better driving conditions and makes the tires stronger. The radial design also makes the tires stronger by giving them the capacity to take on more heat. The widths of radials are such that they fit the customized wheels.

Jeeps and sport utility trucks like Nissan, Toyota, GMC, and others have been customizing different models to suit the desired cosmetic changes for truck owners, and have better wheel designs for a high performance driving experience. They also give you the option of choosing your own backside setting.

Wheel Design Specifics

There are product and service variations that you can get with different custom Wheel suppliers. For example, the suppliers of Chevy and GMC components, Classic Performance Products, have come up with a customized kit that helps you in converting '67-70 pickups to power disc brakes while incorporating short coil springs, to balance the front suspension, and dropped spindles. Assembling this kit was an easy task for the company as the wheels that were ordered had a five-lug pattern up front and original stock pattern in the rear. This has made the project of increasing the truck's wheel size less expensive.

Customized Wheels from the 20 series fit Ford, Dodge and GMC applications the best with sizes ranging from 15x4 to 17x9. Heavy-duty steel wheels come in chrome, silver, white, or black powder coat finish. With a heavier wheel, your truck will get a superior look and hold.

Deals on Wheels

Custom wheels and car rims are offered online at a discounted rate that can be up to 50%-70% off the MSRP. We have done all the work for you by searching the internet to find you the hottest custom wheels for your truck at the best prices.

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